Wednesday, 4 September 2019


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Just an aside - I have noticed a proliferation of blogs online and on Instagram using photographs from this blog on their own feeds. While we are all in the same game - the celebration of classic Hollywood - I spend much $ and many, many hours restoring the photographs I share on this blog for your viewing pleasure. Many of these images are so degraded it takes much time in restoring them to all of their fabulousness. If you wish to use a picture from this blog - I would appreciate you seeking my permission to do so, by emailing ; Facebook message @ or by at least posting a link to this blog. There are Instagram feeds which post exactly the same pictures I post here week for week - with many more thousands of 'likes' than I receive here on my blog. If it continues to happen without at least a shout out, I will be forced to place revolting watermarks over my images - which no one - least of all me - wants. So please - don't be a jerk. Give me a shout out if you are reusing images posted here. Thank you!  - David

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