Sunday, 31 July 2011


Gene Tierney

Madeleine Carroll

Myrna Loy

Rita Hayworth

Diana Dors

Mae West

Isa Miranda (clearly Dietrich inspired!)

Faye Dunaway

Hedy Lamarr

Lupe Velez

Claire Trevor

Joan Crawford

Dolores Costello

Toby Wing

Norma Talmadge

Have a glamorous Monday!
DP x

Saturday, 30 July 2011


While all of us are not guaranteed a sunny Sunday - it's always fair weather in Hollywood. And if not, a paddle pool, strong klieg lights and some MGM glitter over at the studio will suffice! Today our glamour girls are making the most of their day off. They've gone for a dip in their pools, a frolic at the beach, or stood on a barely-disguised set supposed to be one of these things! Enjoy!

Barbara Stanwyck

Carole Lombard

Betty Grable

Marie McDonald

Jean Harlow

Gene Tierney

Kay Francis

Bella Darvi

Marilyn Monroe

Joan Blondell and Bette Davis

Lana Turner

Marion Davies

Adrienne Ames

Anna Sten

Dolores Del Rio

Remember not to get your face wet!
Happy Sunday!
DP x

Friday, 29 July 2011


Lana Turner - arguably the queen of the Hollywood nightspots during the 1940's. Despite a hectic filming schedule throughout the decade & 5am makeup calls, she could be seen out most nights,
 usually with a new boyfriend or husband in tow!

Following second - Ava Gardner.
Unusually for Hollywood glamour queens, they were great friends and could be 
overheard in dark corners comparing their lovers' prowess!

Ava and Lana - bosom buddies

In the 1930s meanwhile, a more dignified, less candid picture of nightlife was presented. The stars were photographed in staged poses at events to their best advantage - allowing the unattainable mystique of the word "star" to persist for fans who bought the dozens of movie magazines. It was a different story when the press left however! Here Dolores Del Rio and Cedric Gibbons attend the premiere of a new Norma Shearer flick.

Mae West and Gary Cooper

Bella Darvi

Ann Sothern

Gal pals Joan Crawford and
Constance Bennett

Dolores Del Rio, Douglas Fairbanks Jr, Marlene Dietrich

Gene Tierney and Oleg Cassini

Alice Faye

Clark Gable and Marion Davies

Arlene Dahl and Lex Barker

Ann Sheridan and Joan Crawford

And then at the end of it all - like mere mortals they were left to crash like 
Constance Bennett and Douglas Fairbanks Jr appear to be doing here!

DP x

Thursday, 28 July 2011


Lana Turner

Madeleine Carroll

Gene Tierney

Frances Farmer

Lupe Velez

Lili Damita

Jean Harlow

Kay Francis

Veronica Lake

Olga Baclanova

Dorothy Lamour

Marion Davies

Lucille Ball

Marlene Dietrich

Karen Morley

Have a glam Friday!
DP x

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