Monday, 8 January 2018


Dolores del Rio, Marlene Dietrich and Lily Damita

Dorothy Lamour out on the town with her mother

Edmund Lowe and Lilyan Tashman at a 1933 premiere

Glenda Farrell, Randolph Scott and Fay Wray

Gilbert Roland and Constance Bennett

Ginger Rogers and Jean Gabin

William Randolph Hearst, Marion Davies and Charlie Chaplin

Jean Harlow and Ann Masters on the set of Suzy (1936)

Jane Wyman and Ronald Reagan

Lana Turner, Judy Garland and David Rose

Myron Selznick, Joan Bennett and Loretta Young

Cesar Romero and Ann Southern at a 1939 premiere

Turhan Bey and Merle Oberon

John Garfield and Shelley Winters

Frank Sinatra, Bella Darvi and Cary Grant

Have a glamorous Wednesday!

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