Saturday, 21 July 2012


The stalking of stars is not a new phenomenon. Star couple Ben Lyon & Bebe Daniels appeared in court in 1934 after Albert F.Holland repeatedly pestered Bebe, under the delusion that they had gone to school together & later married in Mexico in 1925. 
In 1931 he broke into her room in a San Francisco hotel & was removed by security. "I talked with him almost 30 the hope I might dispel his hallucination that I was his wife. He seemed convinced, but later began bothering me again." 
He was committed to an institution but released & continued to pester her. "I am afraid, for my husband and baby." After the '34 court case he was committed permanently, but Daniels was so afraid that she left Hollywood for London in 1935, where later she & Lyon later became two of Britain's first television stars. 

Bebe died in 1971, having been in poor health since a series of strokes which began in 1962. Ben Lyon lived on, he married 1930s film star Marian Nixon in 1974 and died in 1979. Albert F.Holland's fate is unknown.

Lyon and Daniels at the 1934 court case

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